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RdV Press

The Financial Times

Jancis Robinson

"Considerable efforts stand a good chance of putting the state [of Virginia] on the world wine map."

Virginia's Climbers | September 2011

Washington Post


"But [RdV's] wines, though they cost around three figures per bottle, quickly sell out as sommeliers and connoisseurs scoop them up."

Virginia's Wine Renaissance | November 2013

Dave McIntyre

"The next generation of Virginia wine."

Wine: First Growth Virginia? A fledgling Vintner Wants To Prove It's Possible | March 15, 2011

RdV Wants to Give Virginia a Truly Iconic Wine | March 16, 2011


Mitch Frank

"He's Bordeaux's quiet man - and his influence extends to its most famed chateaus.  When they hire Eric Boissentot, it's not for his name or his philosophy.  It's for his palate." 

Bordeaux's Secret Weapon | June 2013

Tim Fish

2012 New World Wine Experience: The Four Chefs Match Food and Wine

Decanter Bordeaux Issue

jason tesauro

"Only three harvests later, RdV is regularly named among the state's best producers."

Virginia: America's Old World | July 2013

Jane Anson

"Amid Bordeaux's cauldron of power brokers, few people work with as many of the big names as Jacques and Eric Boissenot.  Yet the pair have a low profile - and they want to keep it that way."

Silent Partners | Spring 2010



"de Vink understands that to start from scratch today, to build a world-class vineyard from the ground up, demands a relentless, uncompromising passion."

Promised Land | October 2013


STan Parish

"I picture a continuum stretching from the West Coast to the Old World, with the wines from RdV falling - stylistically and geographically - somewhere in the middle."

Virginia is for [Wine] Lovers | June 2013

Wine Review Online

W. Blake Gray

"Striking, serious, over-90-point wines that I would not have been able to place.  Any of these four wines would sit comfortably on the table with a collection of Bordeaux style wines from either California or the Motherland."

Breaking Barriers in Virginia | November 2011

Garden and Gun

James Conaway

"What most impresses is its intensity.  A long, firm shaft of flavor that runs through the whole tasting experience and out the other side."

Virginia Terroir | October 2011



"Not since the 1870s has a local wine been lauded like RdV's Bordeaux-style blend."


carol joynt

"When the sun set, the winery glowed from within, thanks to candlelight, the fire, and the gleam on so many wine glasses."

RdV Vineyards and CityZen Pair Up for a Sumptuous Sunday Supper | October 2012



The Grape Outdoors | Fall 2013